Ice Hockey Skate Blades

It is important to factor in the radius of your ice hockey skate blades when attempting to be the best ice hockey skater you can be. What is the ice hockey skate blade? The steel part of the ice hockey skates that your actually ice skate on is considered to be the ice hockey skate blades or steel. Now, what is the radius? The radius of the ice hockey skate blade is the actual part of the steel that touches the ice as you skate. Different ice hockey players have different preferences as far as this goes. Some ice hockey players choose to have a smaller amount of the steel touching the ice at once while others prefer to have a bigger amount of the steel touching the ice. Measuring the ice hockey skate blade radius is quite easy. You simply hold two ice hockey skate blades side by side with the bottoms facing upwards. You measure the area where the two ice hockey blades make contact with each other and you have the radius.When an ice hockey player is first learning to play, it is good for there to be as big of a radius as possible. Usually, about five inches will suffice. Having a larger radius gives you much more stability in your skating. It won’t be until you are an experienced ice hockey player that you will want to start testing out different ice hockey skate blade radiuses. As you become more experienced and start to experiment with different radiuses, you will find that you can make sharper and quicker turns on your edges with a smaller ice hockey skate radius. This would fit the style of an ice hockey player that is lighter and a very agile skater.

This leads us into discussing which ice hockey skate blade radius will work for you, as it depends on your style of play, size, position, etc. You will find that forwards generally want to move around the quicker and with more agility. These ice hockey players, as I mentioned above, will want a shorter ice hockey blade radius. Conversely, defensemen who are usually larger and provide more stability in their style of play require a longer ice hockey skate blade radius. There is definitely not clear cut design for any single ice hockey player and it all comes down to personal preference. Chances are you will eventually find yourself at the point where you are not a beginning ice hockey player, however you have not started trying to find the correct ice hockey blade radius for you. So where do you get started? Simply asking your trusted ice hockey skate sharpener what he or she thinks would be a good ice hockey skate blade radius. There is one problem with this; a lot of skate sharpening is completed by hand and thus is sometimes inconsistent between sharpening. As technology has increased in recent years, ice hockey skate sharpening machines that are controlled by computers have been created to be more consistent, however these are hard to find and haven’t quite caught on yet. Also, make a note that in your conversation with your ice hockey skate sharpener about the ice hockey skate blade radius that this is often referred to as “rockering” the ice hockey skate blade steel.