Ice Hockey Skates – Sizing

When fitting a pair of ice hockey skates, you may be surprised that they run on a different system than your shoes do. It seems almost every ice hockey company has its own sizing system. Do not be alarmed if you wear a size 11 shoe, but you wear a size 9.5 skate. This is a pretty standard scenario in the world of ice hockey skates, as they usually do fit smaller. While we cannot tell you exactly what size ice hockey skate size you will be, we can give you very good idea on where to start. Most ice hockey manufacturers such as CCM, RBK, Nike Bauer, Graf, and Easton manufacture skates to be roughly a 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoe size. So, if you don’t know where to start in fitting your ice hockey skates, this would be the right place to start trying on different pairs. Also, note that Mission Ice Hockey aims at constructing their ice hockey skates to match your shoe size. We call this fitting “true-to-size.” Mission is one of the only companies that uses the true to size fitting method.The most important thing when checking to see if your ice hockey skate fits is to make sure the ice hockey skate boot is the correct length and width to fit comfortably. You will never be an amazing ice hockey player if you cannot be comfortable in your ice hockey skates. So, here are some things to consider when fitting your ice hockey skates:

  • When you try on an ice hockey skate, make sure you are wearing whatever sock you plan to wear when you do indeed play ice hockey.
  • If you are one of the ice hockey players that skates without socks, take a thin nylon sock to try on the ice hockey skates. Usually stores do not like to sell ice hockey skates that other ice hockey players have put their bare feet into.
  • Usually, you cannot exchange a pair of ice hockey skates after you purchase them for a different size ice hockey skate unless you have not sharpenned them or baked them. So basically, once you have used the ice hockey skates, there is no turning back.
  • Your ice hockey skates must fit tightly enough to provide the right support and stability.
  • It is okay to purchase slightly larger ice hockey skates for younger ice hockey players in order to leave growing room, but you must remember that they cannot be too big. This can cause a lot of foot and ankle damage. A good way to figure out the right size for a young ice hockey player is to have them try on the ice hockey skates before they are laced up. Then have them kick their foot as far forward as they can so their toe is touching the front of the ice hockey skate boot. Then ask them to stand up and lean forward slightly so you can see literally how much room is between the back of the ice hockey skate and the back of the young ice hockey player’s foot. This amount should be about the size of a pen. If it is the size of a finger or more, the ice hockey skate is defenitely too big.
  • It is important to make sure an ice hockey skate is the correct length. You should be able to barely graze the front of the ice hockey skate with your toe when they are all laced up.
  • You want to make sure the heel of your foot fits correctly into the pocket of the ice hockey skate boot built for the heel. You don’t want your heel to be sliding up. When the ice hockey skates are laced up, you should have the ability to move your toes slightly while your heel stays firmly in place.
  • In judging the width of your ice hockey skates, there are two important areas to focus on. Make sure your toes sit flat in the ice hockey boot and that they aren’t mashed together. Also make sure the ice hockey skate is not pinching or applying too much pressure to the arch of your foot.
  • You may experience some stretching and molding from the inside of the skate. So, the skates will get more comfortable as you break them in, however remember that certain materials on the outside of the ice hockey skate boot are not meant to adjust such as Kevlar, plastic, graphite, and other composite materials.

As you can see, fitting your ice hockey skates is imparative. You can often find the cheapest prices for ice hockey skates at online hockey stores such as Hockey Giant. This can make it very difficult to find the right ice hockey skate that fits you best. So, you can always go into your local ice hockey shop and find the ice hockey skates you like before you order online. This will save you a lot of hassle and money with online exchange policies.