Ice Hockey Skates – The Most Important Piece Of Ice Hockey Equipment

You can’t play ice hockey without a pair of ice hockey skates. Ice Hockey skates are oen of the most important pieces of your ice hockey equipment and thus you need to make sure they fit properly. The game of ice hockey can still be played when you are not using a lot of pieces of ice hockey equipment; however we suggest that you always keep yourself protected. Keeping this in mind, no matter how unprotected you choose to be there are two things you obviously cannot engage in the game of ice hockey without. These two things would be your hockey stick and your ice hockey skates.There are three main parts that an ice hockey skate is made up of.

  • Boot: This is the main section of the ice hockey skate that your foot sits in. It is normally held tight with a pair of ice hockey laces.
  • Holder: This is the plastic part attached to the bottom of the ice hockey skate that holds the steel. The Ice hockey skate holder is typically is held on with rivets.
  • Steel: The steel is the part of the ice hockey skate that actually touches the ice. It is usually screwed into the plastic holders.

Ice Hockey skates are designed for two different things; they need to transport you around the ice surface as well as protect your feet. The inside of the ice hockey skate boot is usually made with different foams and gel materials surround in some kind of leather-like material. In almost all of the ice hockey skates made today, the gels on the inside are moldable, especially the gel around the ankles. This means that as you skate in and break in the ice hockey skates, the friction and heat from your feet will eventually mold the gel around the curvature of your ankle. There is also an option available for almost all ice hockey skates on the market today from almost all ice hockey companies such as CCM, RBK, Nike Bauer, Graf, Easton, and Mission. This is the option to heat mold your ice hockey skates. The way this works is the skates are heated up in an oven designed for ice hockey skate molding or “baking” and then placed on your feet for about 15 minutes. After this, you leave the ice hockey skates for about 24 hours until the gel fully hardens again. You now have ice hockey skates molded to your feet!

The hardness and the stiffness of the outside of the ice hockey boot will determine how well the ice hockey skate will protect you and your feet from hockey sticks and hockey pucks that make contact with your foot. You will also increase angle support as the stiffness of the ice hockey skate increases. In order for most ice hockey skates to give you the lightweight and support you need, they are built with a mixture of leather and other synthetic materials. This depends a lot on how much you are willing to spend on ice hockey skates. The Steel or “blades” of the skates are usually made with stainless steel. They are shaped on the bottom with a curved or concaved shape cut into them. This is how an ice hockey skate has an “inside” and “outside” edge.